In This Small Spot

“Here, the true you is most often magnified, for better or for worse.”
Abbess Theodora

In a world increasingly connected to computers and machines but disconnected to self and others, Dr. Michele Stewart finds herself drowning in a life that no longer holds meaning. Searching for a deeper connection after losing her partner, Alice, she enters a contemplative monastery, living a life dedicated to prayer, to faith in things unseen. Though most of her family and friends are convinced that she has become a nun to run away from her life, she finds herself more attuned to life than she has been in years. Stripped of the things that define most people in the outside world – career, clothing, possessions – she rediscovers a long forgotten part of herself.

But sooner than she expects, the outside world intrudes, forcing her to confront doubts and demons she thought she had left behind. The ultimate test of her vocation comes from the unlikeliest source when she finds herself falling in love again. As she struggles to discern where she belongs, she discovers the terrifying truth of Abbess Theodora’s warning. For better or for worse.

Release Date: April 30, 2013
Length: 97,000 words
Awards: Winner 2014 Goldie for Dramatic Fiction;
2013 Rainbow Award Runner-up General Fiction


“Caren Werlinger has the grace of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Nothing is mundane in her stories. Every detail, each comment, the settings all figure into the telling. All of her characters profoundly matter.”
– JulesGP  –

“This is a thought provoking story which has left me a little breathless and stunned. A story, that several days after reading it, I’m still thinking about it and the wonderful characters as well.”
– Terry Baker –

“Great Story! It took me longer than usual to read this book, but that was because I didn’t want it to end. Great story- great characters- beautiful setting.””
– Maria Ciletti –

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