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If you’ve been online at all recently, you probably realize that there is a new set of online privacy laws going into effect in the EU that are affecting pretty much all of us. Any website or other online entity that does business in Europe or reaches readers in Europe must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

I’ve been as concerned as everyone else about my own online privacy, and I’ve done what I think I can to protect it. But I’ll be honest. This new set of regulations is an absolute pain in the butt. I am not computer literate. WordPress is not making this easy, at least not for me. And I am finding this a real time and brain energy drain.

And cookies. Cookies are supposed to be something to eat. I don’t now and never have understood the use of cookies online.

“Any cookies on my website are used to ensure normal website functions (for instance, Youtube videos won’t work without their own identifiers). These cookies cannot be switched off because the website wouldn’t work properly anymore. However, these identifiers do not store any personal data.” Copied and pasted from Nicholas Rossis’ excellent blog HERE.

Find out more about how WordPress uses your data.

So, when I post a Youtube video or a link to another website, they probably have cookies. If you choose to click, then you consent to their use of cookies (no matter what flavor). If you don’t want their cookies, don’t click the link.

So, to keep it simple for now: I’ve deleted the Facebook button that connected to my author page because we all know what they’ve been up to. I have never had a contact form on this page, but you have had the option of signing up for email updates when I post a new blog. If you don’t want to receive those any longer, you have the option of unfollowing. I’m going to delete the “Follow this Blog” button in the sidebar for the time being.

If you have commented on this blog, you’ve been asked for a user name and an email address to differentiate you from the tons of spam out there. If you do not want WordPress to have your email address, you may delete any comments you have made. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, I can delete them for you. Contact me at: cjwerlingerbooks AT yahoo DOT com

(Another update on comments, also copied and pasted from Nicholas Rossis: )

“When you leave a comment, WordPress stores your Gravatar name, IP address, comment, and email address. Therefore, leaving a comment is considered a clear affirmative, specific, and unambiguous action as defined by the GDPR, giving me consent to store this information, and permission to contact you in the future by email.

Your personal information will not be sold or shared with any third parties under any circumstances. Your information shall be retained until you unsubscribe or ask me to remove your data. If you do not consent to the above, please don’t leave a comment.”

I have never used your email address for any purpose other than to reply to your comment on my blog or to contact winners in a giveaway who chose to enter, so don’t worry. I won’t suddenly start sending you messages.

For a more official explanation of the data collection and usage by WordPress, you may read this:

Privacy Notice for Visitors to Our Users’ Sites


Last updated: 25 May 2018