The New Shore

Life on Little Sister Island is idyllic. Until it isn’t.


Now that the island will have its own teacher for the first time in decades, Rebecca Ahearn is tasked with making financial arrangements to build a new school room. While on the mainland, she barges straight into her first—and only—love, a woman she hasn’t seen in over forty years. Suddenly, the choices she has made for her life seem empty, and she begins to wonder if it was worth the sacrifice.


For Kathleen Halloran, distance and limited communication have been the keys to maintaining a tolerable relationship with her parents. She’d like to keep it that way, but when her father needs her help to take care of her mother—the woman she knows never loved her—she’s forced to confront the pain and resentment she can’t seem to let go of.


Kathleen’s mate, Molly Cooper, galvanizes the islanders to pitch in and help Kathleen and Rebecca weather the stormy seas ahead. The question is, can wounds that deep ever truly heal? Perhaps the magic of Little Sister Island can do what humans cannot—and make the impossible possible after all.


The New Shore is the third book in the Little Sister Island series.

Release Date: September 16, 2022
Length: 124,000 words

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“As usual with a story written by this author, there were multiple layers of depth within this book. This made for a very engaging read from start to finish.”
– R –

“Self-discovery and rediscovery of one’s strengths are significant themes in The New Shore, as are second chances at relationships, both family and romantic.

The setting, Little Sister Island, and the almost magical world it encompasses, is a character in itself.”
– Lisa –