Year of the Monsoon

Leisa Yeats has always defined herself by the things that are important to her – a good family, a loving relationship and a meaningful job working with kids. Life is good. But within a span of a few weeks, all of that changes. She’s always known she was adopted, but newly revealed lies and secrets kept by her parents make her question everything she thought she knew about her beginnings. Her ten-year relationship with her partner, Nan, is unexpectedly on shaky ground when she discovers that Nan, too, has kept a secret from her all these years.
Suddenly, everything Leisa believed – about her life, about the people around her, about herself – everything is turned upside down, and nothing is as she thought it was. Pulling away to try and sort things out, Leisa reaches out to the wrong people and, in the process, nearly loses herself. Buffeted at every turn by storms that shake the very foundation of her world, Leisa must figure out whom and what she can hold fast to as the winds of change blow.

Release Date: Jan. 1, 2014
Length: 73,000 words


Year of the Monsoon is an excellent exploration of how a small revelation can impact a long term partnership.”
– Velvet Lounger –

“The interwoven plots were so authentic, emotionally & socially, that my own psyche became immersed, a true indication of a quality script.”
– Kris Blankenship –

“The story was captivating from page one. It had so many facets and levels to it. Realistic in the storyline and I appreciated the depth of emotions throughout.
– Susan Wingate –

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