Looking Through Windows

Everything can change in a second and nothing is ever the same.

Emily had to rebuild her life… her sense of self. How far would she go to hold onto a dream?


Emily Warner moves to Vermont hoping for a fresh start. Anything to forget the past four years. She didn’t plan on the past finding her. And she didn’t plan on Ann Hight. Ann helps Emily through a crisis, and re-awakens emotions Emily thought she would never experience again. For Ann, what she begins to feel for Emily promises everything she never knew she needed. Just when it seems they’ve found the love they’ve yearned for, fate conspires to tear them apart. Even if they can somehow hang on despite all the obstacles thrown at them, Emily still has to face the biggest obstacle of all – herself.


“Like an onion, peel away the layers. Might make you cry but ultimately like a Vidalia – it’s sweet.” – Rita Mae Brown

Release Date: Feb. 20, 2013
Length: 81,000 words
Award: Winner 2009 Goldie for Debut Novel


“Intense, surprising and a good read, kept my attention throughout!
Love her style of writing, always keeps me off guard and guessing!”
– Melissa Pate –

“This story had a couple of twists that came so unexpectedly I gasped, and that’s a good thing.”
– Laura –

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